Mary Mitchell Barnes, M.A., MFT​

Pioneer. Optimist. Visionary.

Native to this area, Mary returned to her roots to attend graduate school at Pepperdine University after spending a formative decade in Colorado. With 2 horses in tow, Mary settled in the Santa Monica Mountains, and began teaching horseback riding to pay the upkeep of her four-legged friends. A quarter century later, in addition to professional horsewoman, Mary makes her living as a licensed therapist, author, and martial artist. However, her favorite roles include stonemason, ranch hand, and mother of dragons.

Eric Videgain, D.D.S.​​​

Gentleman Rancher. Dentist. Dreamer.​​

The son of South American immigrants, Eric was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. At age twelve, Eric moved to Fairfield, Connecticut, and to prepare him for later in life, he got a job shoveling horse manure at a neighbor’s stable.

At the same time that Eric fell in love with country living, he also fell in love with music. He began playing guitar in junior high school and rocked his way to stardom in basements, garages, and school concerts. A perpetual student of music, Eric found Grateful Dead shows and other rock venues to be the ideal environment for his studies. Near the end of high school Eric was at a crossroads, deliberating between the life of a starving musician and the commitment to academia.

Eric's decision was made when he was accepted as a pre-med/dental student at Boston University. After graduation, Eric followed the call of destiny to dental school at the University of Southern California. There he hit his stride in his chosen field and began paving his way down a career path he truly loves.
From the time of graduation in 1994, Eric has practiced in various settings from Oxnard to Beverly Hills, Orange County to Santa Monica. In 1999, Eric began working with Dr. Alan Samuel, creating a partnership and expanding the office to a multi-disciplinary practice. Eric takes pride in his relationships with staff and patients, as well as offering the highest standard in aesthetic dentistry.

In his leisure time, Eric loves hiking, investing, and being at home with his family. He has been working on a CD of original guitar tracks, appropriately titled, ‘Living the Dream,’ which he hopes to release sometime after his triplets leave for college.

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